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La Pirogue

La Pirogue is a casual family restaurant that takes pride in using the finest, freshest ingredients available. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, La Pirogue is known for its fresh and tasteful food.

Subtlety and grace characterize this established restaurant, well known in the area for its attentive, unobtrusive service and impeccable cuisine. The menu focuses on fish and meat on the grill and the Mediterranean cuisine in Montenegro style. Just-caught seafood and veal in its variety of incarnations are impossibly tender and satisfying.

What makes us different are always fresh groceries and honesty of our friendly staff. Our greatest challenge is to achieve perfection using simple combinations of flavors that accentuate the natural taste of local, fresh ingredients. Honesty is very appreciated here in La Pirogue, so we also like to hear honest comments from the heart of our customers!

Although most people are focused on the food, you will enjoy the incredible restaurant interior with the sweeping coastal view and simple but elegant decor. With the outstanding sea view, our spacious restaurant has two terraces, the smaller one above with the capacity of 26 sitting places and the lower one with the capacity of 84 sitting places. The capacity of the inside restaurant is 28.