Imagine a place tailor-made for your pleasure.

Caffe bar

This gorgeous beachfront setting is the most perfect meeting point in Tivat. Guests usually drop in for an amazing coffee drinks, craft beer and cocktails. Caffe bar is a perfect place for first-morning coffee, last evening beer and everything in between.

We have been inspired by the craft industries around us and wanted to bring this artisan experience to Tivat. It is for those looking for an extra quality. 

Caffe bar is wonderfully positioned next to the sea coast. It’s an elegant mix of coffee shop, and gastropub. Our menu offers delicious beer food, finger food, pastries, sandwiches and delicious sweets.

Seat capacity is 20 on the inside and 30 on the outside terrace. The interior features a unique visual concept with a modern and casual design, defined by simplicity and beautiful lighting. Although simple, the design is also sophisticated.